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Dunders Starter Theme

William Oliveira
MIT License

Dunders Starter Theme

__s, or dunders, is a clean Jekyll Starter Theme based on Underscores

Why I create Dunders?

Whenever I search for a Jekyll Theme I found some project with Bootstrap, jQuery or a structure of theme a little disorganized. I dont like disorder. :/

CSS files with several lines of code. HTML not semantic or JavaScript not very good.

This saddens me.

Because this, I made this scaffold to themes Jekyll!!!

Don’t have CSS, don’t have JS, and the HTML is clean to you add your structure. Is very basic structure, easy to change.

Use your imagination to build a awesome sites with Dunders.

Who should use Dunders

Dunders is for people who want to create themes from zero with a simple initial structure.

Use if you want to implement:

It’s for you to release your imagination.

For more infos, look the webpage of project.


Start by forking the repository.


My contacts are here: @woliveiras

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to open an issue or making a pull request for your fork!