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Akshay Agarwal
MIT License

Jekyll-Mono - Demo


Jekyll-Mono is a simple and elegant GitHub Profile cum Blog theme. It’s a minimalistic theme where you can put up your CV alongwith some blog posts.

A look at Jekyll-Mono with four different main theme colors.


Jekyll-Mono also comes with the option of setting up the color scheme of your blog. You can do this by editing _variables.scss that lies inside the _sass folder. You can change the main theme color by simply replacing the current hex color value of $mono with the one of your choice. A few main theme sample colors are included in there as comments. Apart from the main theme color you can also change the header link color, navbar hover color, hyperlink color as well as the color of the various headings.

For setup instructions please visit the Github Repo and read the file.


MIT License © Akshay Agarwal