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Florian Klampfer
MIT License (free version) PRO License (paid)

Hydejack is a cutting-edge Jekyll theme that combines the best of static sites and modern web apps. It features a suite of JavaScript that makes the page feel like an app, without sacrificing backwards-compatibility, page-load speed or SEO.

The complete package for professionals: A blog, a portfolio and a resume.

It aims to be the complete package for professionals on the web. It features a blog suitable for both prose and technical documentation, a showcase for projects and a resume that fits with the rest of the design.


It’s best to just see it in action.


Both the PRO and free version includes all of the features listed below:

Questions? Send a mail to, or tweet @qwtel.


Hydejack is documented extensively. You can read it here or in the repository’s wiki, or download the PDF.


There are two versions of Hydejack: The Free Version includes basic blogging functionality, as did previous versions of the theme. The new PRO Version includes additional features for professionals: A portfolio, a resume layout and a welcome page to feature your favorite projects and posts.

This table details what is and isn’t included in each respective version.

  Free Version PRO Version
Blog ✔️ ✔️
Features (see above) ✔️ ✔️
Portfolio   ✔️
Resume   ✔️
Welcome   ✔️
Briefcase full of $100 bills    
License MIT PRO
Price Free $29
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